GCI operates a satellite earth station at the end of Esro Road. As of July 2018, they are proposing to add an additional fiber cable partly along Esro Road for redundancy.

With the addition of the extra capacity during the 3rd quarter of 2018, GCI will be willing to offer FTTH (fiber to the home) internet service to Esro residents in the 4th quarter.

A presentation was made by GCI to the neighborhood July 8. Here is their presentation, which was followed by many questions and some answers.

GCI asks that those interested in service to add your basic info and submit the GCI Service application to them. It can be brought to their Merhar office off the Johansen by Walmart or emailed to Carl St. George cstgeorge@gci.com Carl’s phone is 907-322-1807.

For those residents who will be along the anticipated route, access will likely need to be granted to GCI. While there are substantive clarifications needed prior to signing this document, here is their draft easement, available for reference.

Added documents:

For further questions regarding this effort, contact gary@chena.org or 488-2001.