This is a page to provide documentation on mineral exploration and development in our neighborhood.

Area map from 2020 Photometry – Steele Creek Valley to east of Amanita to Ft. Knox

Closer in area map between Steele Creek Valley and Amanita from 2020 Photometry

Two maps of Avidian Gold exploration activities and proposals, courtesy of Tom Duncan. Map 1 Map 2

Alaska State Dept. of Natural Resources
Sept. 9, 2021 DNR leased state land to Avidian to do exploratory drilling, including in the Ruby Creek area. Ruby Creek flows across Esro Road near the turnaround and runs all year. There is concern that drilling may expose additional artesians that add to the flow of water that comes down Ruby Creek in winter, sometimes overflowing our road. More info on these plans that were approved with only retroactive input from the public:

Amanita Project documents provided by an Esro Road neighbor

Google Earth map showing drill sites noted in the Avidian narrative.

Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
The AMHTA has mineral rights and surface rights to a number of tracts in our area. They operate through the Trust Land Office, contracted to the Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources, under the Resource Management Strategy and in accordance with Alaska Administrative Code 11 AAC 99.020

Avidian Gold Exploration Proposal Between Amanita Road and Esro Road
The Trust Land Office of the Alaska Mental Health Trust received an application from Avidian Gold for an exploration permit adjacent to Esro and Amanita residential properties in August 2020. The Trust Land Office issued a Best Interest Finding in December 2020, with approval or denial following a 30 day public comment period. Area neighbors learned about it and began commenting on the many issues that the Best Interest Decision failed to address. On Jan. 20, 5 days before the comment deadline, the Best Interest Decision was rescinded with notice that Avidian Gold had withdrawn its application.

Avidian Gold corporate presentation Jan 2020

Leading up to this, with some comments already submitted, there was some press attention on both the Trust Land Office and Avidian Gold.

There have been questions about impacts to water and land from gold mining. Here are a sample of studies that might answer some of those questions.